Arjun get a stake in SRK’s ‘knights’

Boys always bond over sports, right? And it couldn’t be truer than at this moment when the entire nation is bonding over IPL and cricket. But buddies Arjun Rampal and Shah Rukh Khan have one thing in common — their sporting spirit and their loyalty to one team. In every match that the Knight Riders play, Arjun cheers the boys unfailingly, while simultaneously adding to the glam quotient.

So, just out of curiosity, we asked the sports fanatic if he would want to own a cricket team, or would he rather go international (now that he’s had his first brush with the West, courtesy Nicole Kidman) and target the New York Yankees instead? He quickly replied, “No! I wouldn’t want to own a piece of the New York Yankees simply because I don’t like baseball that much. I prefer cricket.

And yes, I’d love to own a cricket team someday. Maybe one day, when Shah Rukh is selling a stake from his share of the Knight Riders, I’ll definitely buy some. Because I really like that team.” Now that’s news to us. He’d rather keep his loyalties with SRK, than trade it off to another team. Fair enough, Arjun. Such is their dosti! But dude, take a closer look at their current game, and do a re-think, puhlease.

Do you ‘really’ want to bet your moolah on them now that they’ve been faring a tad badly? After their unfortunate run (so far) is the knights-in shining-armour still shiny? Hopefully, they’ll ‘up’ the game now. At the end of the game ... it’s all about the money, honey!